Sunday, 6 March 2011


Hi, I was born on 6th April with the traits of an true RAM headstrong with the motto of "Lead, follow or get out of the way," (Only what I mean is "I'm gonna lead. The rest of you follow. And God help whoever doesn't get out of the way.")

Not a bright student though but had lots of god's grace which helped me make the best of the time. Lived it kingsize like there is no tomorrow. Got married to the girl of my choice and did what i was born to do .. HEAD DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE GOAL which was a NEVER EVER STOP till its enough.

I started getting strange painful boils in my thighs and groin area during December 2009 which used to become a lump and then burst emitting lots of pus and blood and trust me their eruptions used to super painful i used to feel like mother earth when volcanoes emit lava it was something similar.

First fall happened during a night trek, then the whole deck of cards came crashing down.. first the night trek, then couldn't go for morning jogs, then ridding on a bike, climbing stairs basically anything against gravity was a living nightmare for me.

A week b4 marriage i.e14th June i got admitted with acute food poisoning.. the worst part it happened after i had momos i was lost how the hell on earth can a boiled food item cause food poisoning.. Got well with few litres of drip.

Enjoyed my honeymoon to the max with lots of adventure sports... got a local flu on the day of departure but recovered within 3 days back in Mumbai, India.

Then the attack was rapid.. broke my rib as my legs couldn't take my body weight, fractured my leg while crossing a road( a dead simple road.. oosshh it was a terrible joke for me), then came MALARIA which left me with no energy.

We had a nice offsite in goa and when i returned back on 19th evening started feeling terrible cramps and pain in legs... managed somehow to reach home..

20th September 2009 couldnt stand had a classy fall and had to be admitted to the hospital for the same... 100 days of hospitalization post marriage with a crankie surgery took half of my life and was good enough to push to the corner of cliff when i came to know its MND.

But we (RosH my pretty wife) didnt give up, we were still strong we can sail thru this its nothing but a strom which cant deter us.

We went to BRD aka Baba RamDev got some panchkarma done along with few ayurvedic meds.. it did work as a life support system for me as aftereffects of the same lasted for 2 months..

Then again second strike came in couldnt wear my own clothes get on a lift, tie shoe laces i thought this thing needs a proper strategy to or else i will be grounded forever..A dear friend of mine Meghz referred me to a Swamiji who cured his mom from nerve and bone weakness.. i had till then given up hope on medicines and wanted to give everything a shot which come in..

Feb 25, 2011 Landed in ranchi, met swamiji for the first time and somewhere withing i got a spark that he is the one who can be the captain of my ship thru this storm... and I surrendered
March 01, 2011 Made swamijis ashram my base camp.. Learned about another Divine power and when i saw her i was amazed if this is real or not.. Positivity and Power were present around her and for that u dont have to see her its all surrounding her... she is known as MATAJI

Then treatment started with physio, meditation, delicious food cooked by MATAJI. her KADI is the best one can ever cook on planet earth..

SWAMIJI was the guy i've always been dreaming of pushing me to the limits and today is a week and i can see the difference the control is back to normal levels and strength also improving on a daily basis..

March 02,2011 Around noon time met a wonderful angel .. she was a fountain of positivity and energy for me.. Doc Suman maám.. she reinforced the faith and confidence within me that i can survive this crap MND which is supposed to be incurable.

March06, 2011 Met senior of the MND battlefront Doc Manoj sir( he is husband of the Angel Doc) even he was diagnosed with MND around 18 months back. I envy him for his job as he is with a BSF as a Doc as even i wanted to join Defence Forces but couldnt do so.. He has been under SWAMIJI's treatment for last 7 months and has shown considerable amount of improvement.. ICON FOR ME as another source of inspiration got lot to learn to him,,, by the way they i.e Doc Manoj and Suman are proud father of 2 gorgeous beauties one is around 4 another 6.

The fight against the so called deadly incurable MND is nothing but a mind game u conquer ur mind u conquer it all.... and i am dead sure within 10 days i will be playing cricket with SWAMIJI in his Ormanjhi ashram for sure and next 2 months i will be back to MOUNTAINS the place we belong and yes i am sure Manoj Sir will be the leader of my dream expedition of a cycle trip to LADAKH..

my email is

Just give it a fight as a child if born health has to die healthy...

Thanks to god, swamiji, mataji, parents and roshni... missing you..


  1. how could you miss mentioning these chirping moments which made our sail less rocky

    We ran away for a day from breachcandy hospital, did shopping, had lavish lunch and awesome eve and doctors were desparately trying to get us back... though they dint succeed

    Our long never ending conversations over coffee / tea which use to go on till early morning hours with Jayant Sir .. felt like we were in barista n nt in breach candy

    Trying to get sandwitches & other snacks from outside and getting caught most of the times by guards but still i always managed getting it!!

    We were bored of staying in hospital so narrated nice story to doctors and vanished again for 1.5days had awesome home cooked food and then back to 2nd home.

    Both of us waking up late and asking docs and other guys not to disturb till 9 as we were busy snoring!!

  2. saurav, want more,
    a lot more,
    it opens doors,
    generate big bigger thoughts ,
    no, saurav , not the chocolate bar, the galaxy.

    we have to win not because we long for this living called life but for millions of patients worldwide.

    prepare the way, saurav.


  3. You missed a very important link in your journey – While sailing through this stormy sea, we often came across various sharks that were waiting for us dressed as doctors, so that they can royally screw our pockets and can perform all chimpanzee kind of experiments. Alas! We were not an easy target as our in house handsome doctor Manish – always helped us testing the water current and succeeded in controlling our damage! We are lucky to have a friend who is a nurse + doctor+ travel guide!!

  4. Diseases cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state. Nice to see the abundance of faith in your personality.
    The universe will gift you all that you desire,
    blessings to saurav and roshni.